Our Team

Meet the team, a bunch of bad ass SocialBees with Halo helmets and an attitude. They are in charge of security and keeping the M2 Monsters brand safe from villains that want nothing more than to hijack a great project.

Super Halo Bee

The team lead for branding is Super Halo Bee, a veteran in social branding and SEO. Buzzing through the metaverse, protecting his capital and others from harm that can come from malevolent forces on the internet.

Super Halo Bee

The Halo Bees NFTs

The Halo Bees work in the background traveling the web finding the strongest digital assets to place information on.

If you have your own Web 3.0 brand or NFT Project and would like to secure your future online in search results make sure to get the Super Halo Bee Branding Security Lock.